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A new national poll says that despite the coronavirus outbreak, we still have jobs, but there are more jobs in Orange County than 12 months ago. The state Department of Labor reported Friday that November recorded higher employment growth in the county for the first time since November 2009 than in November 2012, even though it was not there 12 weeks earlier, according to a new survey.

Another example is that the strongest growth was in the leisure and hospitality sectors, which are mainly in the travel and tourism sector, as well as in retail, food and beverage and retail.

Woodland Hills is looking for salesmen and cashiers, and interested applicants can apply at / careers. Pasadena is hiring several caring and compassionate caregivers at all locations and is looking for caregivers. Prospective customers can also hire employees to meet the high demand in the grocery stores. Apply by calling 970-888-467-5555 or Pasadena has hired nurses at several locations, as well as a nursing assistant and a nurse.

For more information on how to apply, visit / lagerhaus - jobs or contact the store manager Rosa Dominguez. Pizza is hiring 10,000 workers at its Lake Forest, Lake Park and Rancho Cucamonga locations and you can apply online or text 47272. Bgchv. Com in Ranchos CUCAMONA is currently hiring 150 jobs and for further details please contact rbrene at bg chv _ comFor current job opportunities at BGCHV please contact @ bgchV _ Com for information. # 0153base at Lake Forest in LakeForest has an open position for an assistant and a sales manager in the restaurant and can be advertised online.

The Boutique at Atwater Village is located on Main Street and Main Avenue in Rancho Cucamona and is currently looking for an assistant and sales manager in the retail department. You will be contacted by phone or FaceTime. Customer Service csgiusa comin Los Angeles is looking for a shift manager, please apply via email or CV. Comis, a leading environmental services company focused on clean energy, water and air, is hiring at least 100 new employees in Nevada, Arizona, Texas and California and has hired 100 new employees. We hire at least 100 people a week in various positions in California and Nevada and we will hire them.

Woodland Hills (CA 91367) in Lancaster hires account managers and sales representatives to answer calls, answer questions and sell products and services. We are hiring a registered representative for Customer Care Services, Inc. in Orange County, CA.

In Riverside, 200 seasonal workers work at a warehouse in Chino. We hire warehouse workers and support staff, and these positions are located in Torrance, CA, as before. A logistics company based in Perris with offices in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange is hired for a full-time position as a logistics manager and warehouse manager in the San Gabriel Valley.

In Los Angeles, we are looking for two licensed hairdressers who work 32 to 40 hours a week, and we encourage applicants who are bilingual in Spanish, Cantonese, Vietnamese or Mandarin to apply. We are currently looking for a part-time and full-time position in our San Bernardino office with offices in Riverside, Riverside and Orange County. In Los Angeles, a software company in the San Gabriel Valley and San Diego County is looking for software coordinators and technicians.

Temptechs26 (gmail: Beverly Hills) hires a technical staff member for a hospital, please call 323-443-3015 to apply. Registered nurses Please send your CV to angela (@ who would like to hire a management assistant. Org career in Los Angeles is hired for a registered nurse and a licensed practical nurse. An LA County children's charity is looking for young people who want to work in a residential environment, and its current job offers include a certified SUD counselor, a social worker and a behavioral medicine specialist. In LA, they hire staff to provide personalized care and support to children and young people with special needs, such as mental health problems and substance abuse, with a focus on physical and emotional well-being.

A clinical therapist from south Los Angeles is looking for a few dynamic individuals to join his team. A Van Nuys center hires clinical therapists, and they are also looking for a certified nurse, a licensed occupational nurse and registered nurse to work as assistants at an LA convalescent facility, and a senior nurse looking for a job in Glendale. Care Connection also seeks certified and licensed nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses and registered nurses working in Los Angeles community and recreational facilities.

In Los Angeles, they plan to hire a gardener this month to cut green space and water on a 1-acre site. Jobs must be filled, among other things, as gardeners, landscapers, gardeners and gardeners in a local garden centre, interested applicants must apply in person. In Orange County, a restaurant in the San Fernando Valley (CA) is hiring a chef for the first time in its history.